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Early treatment is best

Today, with all of the advances in ultrasonic imaging, we can diagnose venous disease from its earliest stages. This is very important because the condition can be easily treated before it worsens and becomes much harder to treat. However, finding a good qualified Ultrasound technician can be a challenge and many times people are misdiagnosed if not in the proper hands. At Ciao Bella Vein Clinic we truly believe you are in the best hands for the diagnosis of venous disease.

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Angel L. Pacheco, RVT

Photographed by Mark Skalny 1-888-658-3686Our technical director Angel L Pachecohas over fifteen years of experience in Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging. He has extensive training in utilizing medical ultrasound techniques to gather sonographic data used to diagnose a variety of conditions and specializes in venous diseases. With 100% commitment to give each patient the best results possible, Angel takes pride in his scanning and diagnosing of each and every patient. Together with Dr. Zavala, patients at Ciao Bella Vein Clinic can be confident they are in the best hands and most experienced vein specialists around.

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